At the 2006 YSD business meeting in Pittsburgh, several members of the division expressed concerns that YSD membership was not being supported by the division. Several members had checked the box on our membership forms when we paid our PaLA dues, but what happens next? Are we invited to go to the business meeting? What does it mean if I check that box on the form? How do new members get on committees and become involved? How can we encourage other YS people to be excited about things as we are and give up their time to spread that enthusiasm?

One member suggested a YSD mentoring program. Others suggested invitations to the meeting and better division PR. Several members asked many questions about listservs and being informed. One person stamped her feet in frustration and got volunteered to help pull all of this together – and others thankfully joined in.
So, this is our attempt to answer, invite, connect, involve and support YOU – a valuable member of PaLA’s Youth Services Division!